Client Testimonials

At Keay & Keay PLLC, we are dedicated to providing outstanding legal services to our clients.  We are committed to aggressively protecting our clients' interests.  We understand that you may be struggling with difficult family situations, and we are ready to help you with your legal needs.
What clients are saying about Keay & Keay:

"I have a daughter that has lived several states away since birth...Her mother became irate and decided to punish us by keeping her from me. I was told we would not be allowed to speak or see her again...I needed to find an attorney in Washington since that is where the child resided...

Eugene Keay took our case and began work immediately. He was very respectful, professional, and most of all honest. While the other side continued to attack my integrity, placing full blame on me, as well as manipulating our daughter Eugene maintained his candor and stayed on the issues at hand; putting in place a parenting plan...

Even though we regret not having the pleasure of meeting Eugene in person, we have the utmost respect for him. We feel that he handled our case with complete sincerity, devotion and competence. We would definitely refer others to him as future clients.

In the end all that mattered was seeing our daughter again and Eugene was responsible for making that happen. Thank you so much!"

-Andy and Dawn N.

"Meeting Eugene was a blessing. My experience with Eugene during my child custody battle has been wonderful and enlightening. I knew from my first meeting with Gene that he was a go-getter. Eugene always kept me informed about my case, educated me about the law and represented my interests in court in a very professional manner.

I will not hesitate to call upon Eugene to represent me in family law matters in the future."

-Katya H.  

"The day I met John, I was in profound desperation, carrying a huge bag full of documents as well as worries, feelings of injustice, anger, and hurt. John's courage to take on my hopeless case, embrace facts, and stay calm and sensible have made the court process a unique, spectacular, and personal growing experience!...

John has gratitude not judgment. He gives reasons not excuses. He has temperance in speech and conduct. He has very clear and efficient communication skills, yet keeps a very good professional boundary. He is also honest, sensitive and respectful.

John helped me to seek facts and benefits for my daughter instead of falling into the power and emotionally draining legal games my ex-husband set up. He also helped me to explore and expand my knowledge of the legal system. Most of all, his impressive integrity had led me to believe in my inner strength and I wanted to be a better person.  With his encouragement, I was able to resolve issues with my ex-husband while maintaining my dignity and I kept my daughter's best interests and well being intact."

-C. J. H.

We take pride in being extremely accessible to our clients (including long-distance clients).  Flexible appointment times are available so that you can meet with us when it is convenient for you.  Your phone calls and emails are returned promptly.  
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